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With 32 distributors already representing the Pulse Fitness Global brand worldwide, the increased demand for brand and marketing assets was putting a strain on both the sales and UK marketing team. Pulse urgently needed a solution to ensure brand consistency was being maintained as well as provide distributors with a product-specific marketing campaign to build out the brand globally.

A global brand guideline document was created to enforce how the brand identity should be used by distributors. This included adapting all the UK assets with the Pulse Fitness Global branding. A distributor toolkit was then created to act as a showcase on how best to present the brand across all global marketing touchpoints.

A global specific brand messaging and marketing campaign was then developed to 1) elevate the brand’s position within the global marketplace 2) assist distributors in marketing and building out the brand with consistency in their home counties.

The aim of the toolkit was to maintain brand consistency worldwide while giving distributors the tools they needed to increase brand awareness locally. Since the Pulse Fitness Global campaign launched the company has increased its distribution partners from 32 to 42, a 30% increase.

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