Client: University of Bristol, Bristol Hub for Gambling Harms Research
Service: Research Report Design

Dr Raffaello Rossi is a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Bristol. His team investigates the use of gambling advertising on social media to inform policy-makers and protect consumers, particularly children and young persons.

Dr Raffaello Rossi needed support with the design and layout of a new report on The Prevalence of Gambling Adverts during the Opening Weekend of the English Premier League 2023/2024. The report was a collaboration between Bristol University and Channel 5 as part of research into the impact and increase of gambling adverts.

The challenge: 

It was essential to present the statistics in an easy-to-read and engaging way. We also needed to follow the university’s strict brand guidelines in fonts and colour palettes and deliver the work quickly.

The solution: 

We used a clean editorial design with simple table layouts to help readers browse essential statistics. A mix of bold typography and infographics helped to pull out headline findings and make them easy to digest and adaptable for social media.

Due to the sensitive theme of the report, all football imagery was kept generic, using it primarily to break up the content while maintaining an overall neutral tone.

Dr Raffaello Rossi AFHEA, Lecturer in Marketing Communications Lead – Bristol Hub for Gambling Harms Research, said, 

“Thank you for all your work on your report and for being so flexible. The final product looks amazing and was well received on TV, accompanied by an article in The Guardian. We also received an invitation to present the evidence in Westminster from the APPG Gambling Harms and the German gambling regulator. We look forward to working with you on our future reports.”

Photo credits: Pages 8 & 16 of mock-ups and feature image: © Mitch Rosen on Unsplash.

University of Bristol – Bristol Hub for Gambling Harms Research